Home Alone

Surprise! B is back in Korea for a week and a half. This time around, even though I do not want to jinx anything, I feel a bit better about being alone with the kiddoes.

Before he left, we were lucky enough to have Didi and Christina come over to our place and made us dinner! Inspired by my post about quick dinners they showed up with groceries and made us a nice 15 minute dinner 🙂 Toast for starters and then polenta with cherry tomatoes and feta cheese. So good and so easy! Thank you so much!

They also brought a helmet for Vince, and he loves it. And Didi, ever since you showed him this game, guess what we have been doing at home?

4 Responses

  1. That is the cutest construction worker I’ve ever seen!

  2. Vilken sötnos! Och hjälmen sitter ju perfekt! 😉

  3. Åh vad söt han är. Mycket viktigt att hjälmen sitter ordentligt också…

  4. Ok, de 753 första ggr jag och Tage tittade på filmen så var den ju kul… Tage tröttnar INTE. ;0)

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