Even though I grew up about an hour from the Norwegian border, I have never been to Norway. Lie, I take that back, we went across once to Halden when I was 5 and we stayed for 20 minutes or so. But yesterday Edgar and I arrived in a very snowy Kristiansand. We are here for an international Early Intervention conference. So far we just went to a dinner at a fantastic Indian place. (Good thing Taj was closed on Sunday B;) )

Edgar has so far been a champ and just happy all along. Including falling a sleep at 6 pm, sleeping through the meal in the restaurant in his stroller (LOVE that smoking is banned in  ll public places) and continued to sleep with just a  few feedings in the night, and woke up happy at 6,30.



It turns out that the woman who is in charge of all this is from Sweden. She is going to help me to look into the school system in Sweden for kids with special needs, and help me with some important pointers. See I put it in writing, than it must be true. We are considering maybe moving to Sweden in a few years…

5 Responses

  1. Yeah!!! Kom hem till Svedala!!!


  2. Ja, in 10 – 15 Jahren einmal… frühstens ;-))

  3. he is so cute I can’t stand it. Love the apple hat.

  4. Vi kommer också om ett par år, 6-7 eller så…

  5. YES! YES! YEEEEEEEEEEEES! I want you close! How about moving to Rövskog? =)

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