Marte Meo

I spent the day at the Competence Center here in Kristiansand listening to some very interesting lectures. By coincidence, I came over some information on the Marte Meo (click) method last week reading a forum, so to have a whole day filled with information on it today was exciting. Kari Vik and Rolf Rhode presented their findings using this method and I think it will also be very useful in the development of speech with Vincent.

As a very welcome to me bonus was the lecture given on the research of teaching children with DS multiple languages and the positive findings with that.

I am really enjoying these lectures here and the opportunity to give my opinion from the parents view. I am the only parent in the group with a child who is actually using the services they are presenting (Early Intervention/inclusion). The networking, the possibility to learn new theories, and the exchange of information is simply wonderful. Never ever in my life pre-Vince could I have dreamed I would be so thrilled to have this opportunity. I am telling you, that Vince, he made a lot of things possible. If I had just known that when he was born…

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  1. Älskar dig och de dina. Du är underbar.

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