More of those Boys

Bookie also got pink eye. He has it pretty bad too. At least that is a 100% success rate in the family with that bacteria.
Vince has obviously been paying attention to what has been done to try to ease the itch and reduce the swelling.

One innocent boy(Edgar) and one innocent looking boy (Vince)

First a party trick, how many of these can you stack on a moving baby head?

Then onto carefully sneaking the cotton swabs to the baby’s eye

Slowly adding one more for the next eye

Correct it so it completely covers both eyes

Run off and look like you were up to nothing special at all…

15 Responses

  1. Too funny!! I wonder where he gets that mischievous bent?

  2. Hahahahahahahahahhahaa, you are sooo funny!!!

  3. he remembers me so much og calvin from the “calvin and hobbes” comics…

  4. Ahhh that is so cute:)

  5. Busungar…

  6. Sneaky little bugger!

  7. Ha! That’s what siblings are for!

  8. Ooooh – he’s sneaky! And adorable 🙂

  9. Det är tur att lillebröderna är så tåliga : )

  10. Tror att V lärt sig allt bus från son mor. 😉

  11. Och nej – jag har ff inte lärt mig att stava!

  12. ha! edgar looks like he’s having some kind of facial treatment. like cucumber slices.

    Vince is in big trouble when E. gets big enough to fight back….

  13. hehehe … die zwei jungs sind echt lustig ;D … lg nicole

  14. that was just precious! i love the series of photos!

  15. how cute are those boys 🙂 I’ve been away too long – your family has grown!!! Vince and Edgar are beautiful 🙂

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