The Boys

Thankfully Bs trip to Korea was cancelled in the last minute. I will forever be thankful, as after being home for TWO weeks tying to cure pink eye there has been a little too much, shall we call it, quality time. Next week Edgar and I are flying to Norway for an international Early Intervention conference, where I will represent the parents voice from the Austrian side.

One tricky thing having two bandidos kids that typically nap at home at the same time calls for way less naps and a way more tired mom and kids and hence  a lot of whining. From both sides. Who would have thought that one of Vincent’s favorite games to play is ‘going to sleep’. He will lay down, cover up, ask for water and then pretend sleep. The pretend sleeping part lasts for about one millionth of a second and then he starts the procedure over again.
One more funny (to him) thing he does is when I put Edgar to bed. In the evening Edgar usually falls asleep when I nurse him, and usually Vince is right there. So I will say:
Shhh Edgar is a sleep, and start walking down stairs with Edgar.

Vince tip toes after saying Shhhhhhhhhh, and about when I am at the bottom of the stairs Vince usually starts screaming ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWLLLLLLLL like a lion VERY load, making Edgar jump out of sleep. Thankfully Edgar usually goes right back to sleep…

Edgar working out in his gym

Playing going to bed in Edgar’s bed

Vince telling Edgar to lay still in the bed


2 Responses

  1. Men vilken fin filt lillisen har i sängen…Undrar just vart den kan ha kommit ifrån?

  2. Åh du får mig att längta så tills andra barnet kommer! No turning back..

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