Seriously, just when we were bored out of our minds, the mail man rang the door bell and delivered a package. My friend and former partner in crime colleague Chart sent us some awesome stuff! THANK YOU.

Mac & Cheese for lunch today!

Tools for Vince = happy kid.

Hammering with precision

Nice eye huh, we have now had that infection for 12 days…

5 Responses

  1. Herrlich! Ablenkung für den kleinen Mann. Das Auge ist wirklich der Wahnsinn! Nach 12 Tagen wirds ja jetzt wieder bergauf gehen!!
    Ach ja, die Eva hat die Schafblattern 😦

  2. Aj, det ögat ser inte roligt ut.

  3. Åh, mina ögon tåras bara jag ser stackars Vince. Vet hur jobbigt det är… Tur ni fick finfina grejs på posten!


  4. Oh, vilken sötnos 🙂

  5. Poor Vincent!!! The eye looks terrible!! Glad he enjoyed the tools though!!! You are all so very, very welcome!!!

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