Did I tell you we have pink eye? Bookie is the only one who has been spared. I look like crap, but that is OK. Edgar, so far only has a mild version. Dear Vincent on the other hand – poor kid. His upper eyelid is swollen and now blue. Half his face is red from secondary infection and he is running a fever. Good times. We just got back from the eye clinic and the kinder clinic. No more medicine for him, his eyes apparently gets worse from it. He will not allow any one to come remotely close to his eye, but he did wonderful at the hospital and we had great luck with the doctor and nurse. They were both really patient and played a long with him so that they were able to see right into his eye (which opens about 4 mm). Made me happy as this was actually the adult eye clinic and they were way better than the kid’s eye department.
Anyways, if he is worse off tomorrow, back we go. If not, he is off the hook til Monday.

EVERYTHING has been disinfected at home. Again. I promise, I won’t complain at all about the snow, just please take away the pink eye!

Vince will most likely be home from kindergarten next week too. Oh yeah, guess what? Bookie is flying to Korea on Monday morning.

4 Responses

  1. Men då håller vi tummarna att ni alla mår bättre tills på måndag och att Bookie slipper få det.

  2. Ich wünsch euch allen gute Besserung!! Bitte meld dich wennst nächste Woche was brauchst.
    PS: Bin sehr stolz dass ich zum Babysitten auserkoren wurde 😉

  3. Nooo 😦
    Poor V, you, and E! Do they think that it might be brought on by allergies?
    I get pink every spring – allergy induced instead of the “normal” kind…

    Hugs to you all – and Bookie, hate to say it but it might be the safest place for him right now – Korea 😉 Though I know you need the help. Wish I was closer.

    Feel better soon kiddos and Mommy. Hang in there!

    Hey, tagged you for an award – come by.

  4. Jösses. Vilken outsider att Bookie ska till Korea dessutom… Ska hålla tummarna för att det förvsinner.

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