Oh Crap

My eyes. My poor eyes. I started getting pink eye last Tuesday. and let’s just say pink eye is the understatement of the year. It is more like bloodshot very red-eye. Believe me. On Monday I got some eye drops from the doctor. Vince got some too for his relatively mild pink eye. By Wednesday morning we both looked like we had been in a boxing game gotten knocked out. Swollen, red, huge eyes. Good stuff. I went back to the pharmacy and got some other medicine but that just seemed to make it worse. It was prescription drugs, but in this country you can actually beg yourself to get some of that stuff anyways. At least if you have some good arguments.

Anyways to the eye doctor we went this morning. His reaction to my Godzilla-looking eyes was WOW. One of the worst one’s he has seen. Some other eye drops and TWO to THREE weeks before it should be better. Crap. Vince also got some eye drops, which has already proven to be pure h*ll trying to give him. He does the limp noodle and throws himself back in gymnastic exercises I never knew existed. He should be better by the end of the weekend though. At least his cold is gone.

3 Responses

  1. Men usch era stackare. Vad är det med dig och pink-eye? Tycker du får det ofta…Hoppas att medicinen funkar och att det blir bättre snart. Har du åtminstone Bookie hemma så du kan få lite vila, eller är han i Kina eller nåt?

  2. That sounds so awful! I hope you’re feeling better much, much sooner than the dr thinks.

  3. Usch..är det någon slags infektion ni dragit på er?Låter inget vidare..jag gillar oxå apoteken här,de är serviceminded:-)
    Hoppas ni får en fin helg,kram

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