Tuesday only, I need Weekend…

The reason (again) for postponing surgery was that Vince is still very congested and that could mess up the lungs function during the anesthesia. So we are waiting for a new date, when there is significantly less snot involved. Vince also got my pink eye, and my one pink eye (read blood-shot RED eye) wondered and gave my other eye the same thing.
Thankfully Vince’s ped prescribed me some antibiotics for the eyes too as I am beyond recognition on the eye region.

Taking both kids to the ped yesterday was, lets just say NO FUN AT ALL… I am not planning to do that any time soon again. Never would also be OK. I finally went up to the wonderful nurses and asked how much longer we had to wait, when they put me right through. There was about one billion kids in there, no toys (due to infection risk) and wet spots from melted snow all over.

Today I have called in reinforcement. Bookie’s parents are coming to save the day! Vince is bored at home with me and DVDs, and he should not be playing too much in the snow (and it just  keeps snowing everyday. Snow please just go away!) due to cold/eye, so I am sure Oma and Opa will be great company.

Edgar was up half the night for the first time since he was born. Happy as a little lark, talking to himself and whoever wanted/was forced to listen i.e. me. Sometime after 5 am he fell a sleep. Less than 20 minutes later Vince woke up. Life is a joy over here!

4 Responses

  1. just love the way you describe things.
    gute besserung!
    from berlin

  2. Ouch! Då förstår jag varför svärisarna är på plats. Krya på er!

  3. Jättekramen på dig.

  4. Usch din stackare. Hoppas allt blir bättre snart!

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