Yes again. We started doing ST bi-weekly with Wonder Woman and Vince is making great progress. We got homework, based on the theories of Padovan, but the biggest goal is to triangulate more. We have managed to make it into a game and especially Bookie has done great while reading to Vince at night. Vince will grab Bookie’s finger and then he points to whatever he wants to point at in the book, and when he looks up at Bookie, Bookie tells him what he is pointing at. These are all things Vince can sign, so Vince is actually looking for Bookie to TELL him in words what it is.
It is really great to see how Vince ‘gets’ it – to some point.

Vince has also started to repeat more after us, or to say things (to a certain extent) when asked to.
This evening he repeated Toy Story. I also asked him to say Edgar which he did really well with. You think we should start with the easier words, and we tried. But as of one week the kid can pronounce FEUERWEHRAUTO (firetruck) to pretty close to perfection. So I guess he is a lot like me; if he likes something he can learn it without too much of a problem.

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  1. That’s great – funny how motivating words – even more difficult ones – can go to the top of the list for practice and perfection isn’t it!!! hannah can say a pretty mean ‘spaghetti’ and her ‘pasta’ is near perfect cos she puts a great effort into being understood when she says them.

  2. Underbart!

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