Oh No We are Not

Vince woke up totally clogged in the nose this morning and at the hospital they simply concluded No surgery today. Gah, this was just the fourth time we tried to do it. Maybe attempt number five will be more succesful?

3 Responses

  1. Se det från den positiva sidan – nu har ni tränat på att packa och göra er redo för avfärd till sjukhuset. Så ni är proffs på det nu. 😉
    Men tråkigt att det blev inställt.

  2. Oh no! 😦 maybe it is not meant to be until that 5th time.. Hang in there Vincent and feel better soon. We have strep throat going on over here………!

    Get well thoughts coming your way. And lots of hugs.

  3. Oh no! What a pain! I’m a little worried that might happen here too. Simon is sick now and Jude will probably come down with it just in time for his scheduled tube surgery on Wednesday…
    Here’s hoping try #5 is a go for Vince!

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