Edgar and Vincent

I am not sure who loves who the most? Edgar loves Vince more or Vince loves Edgar more. Edgar now smiles when Vince comes over and gives him a kiss, steals his baby toys and jumps around him. It is very cute to see. Vince is also extremely protective about his brother and no one is allowed to touch him at day care (when we pick Vince up). It is going to be fun (and exhausting) to see these guys grow up.


In other news Vince came up with a new game. All on his own.

9 Responses

  1. edgar is absolutely adorable! and it looks like there is never a dull moment with vince around! the boys are going to have so much fun growing tiring out mama and papa!

  2. so adorable both of them! Just like mum and dad! ;0)

  3. I’ve been loving all of your photos lately! That video…hee…love what you said about B.

  4. Kul lek!
    Förra vintern kollade pappan här hemma på backhoppning på TV. Efter en stund hör han nya ljud, barnen hade kommit på en ny lek. Dom lekte backhoppning och hoppade ner från alla trösklar de hittade, mattkanter – allt som kunde tänkas föreställa en nivåskillnad. Backhopparställning i knän och rygg och så åååååååååhej och hoppa. Tack och lov har dom ännu inte kommit på att man kan göra det i trappan. Än.

  5. I love the crouch before he launches himself.

  6. Oh Vincent, you are getting so big! beautiful job jumping!


  7. Sötnosar!! Och mitt i allt hoppande så kom han att tänka på brandmän. 😀

  8. Ah, I see your future of two boys running and jumping. It will be such trouble, but also such fun!

  9. He’s gotten so big! and what great jumping skills! 🙂

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