Back in Austria (Warning:Picture Overload)

We got back from Sweden yesterday, the luggage should be arriving today. Or the pieces they found. the one bag still not found just happens to be MY bag with all MY clothes, which leaves me with pretty much PJs to wear…

Anyways, we had SO much fun! Thanks to my parents of course and to all other family and friends we got to hang out with. Somehow the time just flies away and in the end there is always so much more we would have liked to squeeze in. Next time…

Baking with Vince

Bookie Pepparkakshus

Santa came JUST as my dad had gone to get the news paper…

Vince loved his Lego fire truck, he took it and left to play alone.

Edgar 2.5 months, my mom and my grandma 98 years old


Alexandra, Idha and I. I will spare you the pictures from -96 in Buckhead, Atlanta when we last spent New Years together.
My Mom in her New Year’s outfit

My dad getting the champagne ready

Happy Edgar

Lots and lots of snow

Vince had a blast

6 Responses

  1. nice photos :), hope it was a lot of fun.

  2. Vad mysigt ni ser ut att ha haft. Man blir ju nästan lite avis…

  3. Welcome home! Boy did we miss you! What a wonderful vacation you had..the snow..unreal! And Joulupukki – seems he always came to visit us as well as soon as my Father went to get the paper..Hm.

    You all look fantastic. And happy 🙂

  4. Happy New Year to you and your three men!

  5. Beautiful pictures! Edgar is growing up! Very impressive house you made.

  6. Oh Vince is so cute in the snow:)

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