Vince loves the snow even more this year. Yesterday we spent the day at Bs parents and enjoyed some more snow and snowfall. This morning it was -16c when we woke up. From what everyone tells me, it should be even colder in Sweden, we are flying tomorrow!

Opa, Vince and I (very patriotic yellow/blue clothing)

Edgar still prefers sleeping, and missed out on the snow

Bs Mom, Edgar (hiding in the stroller) and I

Vince either laughing or eating snow, could be either one

Tumbling around in the snow

Both kids fell asleep in the car home. Vince slept for 13 hours, might be a new record.

9 Responses

  1. Nu kom ett expertutlåtande från J “Han är ganska söt!” 😀 Och jag håller med sonen.

    Idag hade vi bara dryga 6 minus och det var jätteskönt ute. Ha en bra flight imorrn!

    Kramar från Mälardalen!

  2. Ska kanske förtydliga att sonens utropp kom när han såg bilden på Edgar i vagnen. 😉

  3. Wow – those photoes look so cold!! I was sitting in front of a ‘pretend’ log fire yesterday at a friends (for some white Chritmas atmosphere) but as it was really close to 30c outside we didn’t last long! (It was her new renovation and we thought we’d just pretend for a little bit. Lol. Happy Christmas.

  4. Så fina bilder, och herregud så smal du redan är! Avis! Puss.

  5. wow, you are so lucky that vince likes to be outside. phoenix HATES its! you know how long it takes to get them dressed, and then as soon as we open the door to go out he signs “eat” trying to fool me in to letting him stay in!!! så koselig at dere skal ferie jul i sverige! god jul!

  6. Underbara bilder och given banan är du vacker som en gryning, hjärtat. KRAM.

  7. God Jul och Gott Nytt År!
    Kram MajLis

  8. I hope you all enjoy the Swedish winter. Happy New Year from Nicole + Franz!

  9. Lovely time in the snow! Many Blessings to you and your Family ~ Happy New Year!

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