Speech is definitely the area where Vince is most delayed. He has about 45 words that are fairly well pronounced. He has most words in German and English, fewer in Swedish. That does not mean  that he does not understand all three languages, because he does. He does what you ask him (when in a mood for it), he answers questions (with signs, he knows over 300 signs, had to write that down for the ST), and he and he follows his shows and get the punch lines.
But he does not speak much.
He blabbers a lot, in his own language. 

A lot of the times when we are in the key he likes to play the game where I say a word and he repeats it. In ‘our’ language he will do good, but when you add a new word he uses his own language.
We had a feed back meeting at day care with his therapist team on friday and it was OK. Pretty good actually. His ST (who has a rather good record of being sick…) did point out some good points. That even though he knows many different letters and sounds them out, he can only say words that are coming from the tip of his tongue/lips OR from the back of his tongue. Not both. Like BALL, BOB, CAR, DEER, GURKA (cucumber) is no problem, but even though he can say B he says KAGGER instead of BAGGER for truck. The K and the G sound is from the same place in your mouth but the B and G are not.

yesterday we had an appointment with my all time favorite therapist. She is just awesome. She takes time to always find out what Vincent can and can not do. Sounds pretty obvious, but it is SO often the therapists make up the action plan after the diagnoses and not after the individual, so it is not as clear-cut as one may think.

But yesterday was good. She pointed out that Vince needs to learn (i.e we teach him) how to triangulate better. What that means, I think, is that he needs to create a triangle when he looks at something. Like, let’s say he looks at a BOOK, he then looks at me and searches the word for it, I tell him he has a BOOK,, and he returns his look to the BOOK. So that is our focus moving forward. We will also have bi-weekly, hour-long sessions with her starting in January. I feel up to it, and Vince loves her toy room which was stacked with plenty of firetrucks…

2 Responses

  1. Jag tycker Vince är jätteduktig! Att han förstår tre språk tycker jag är ett klart tecken att det inte är något fel på den unge mannens inteligens i alla fall.

  2. Ja, tänk att du fick rätt. Då när ni blev avrådda att tala tre språk hemma. Vem fick rätt? Jo mamman och pappan som tror på sitt barn. Så det är klart att det går bra för Vincent.

    Kul att höra om trianguleringen. Det ska jag tänka på imorgon när vi träffas igen. Men först ska vi sova 😉

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