Advent Markt in Graz

We went downtown today to the Christmas Market. It was snowing and finally really Christmasy weather. The plan was to go by the little Kid’s land they have put up and let Vince go wild there. But, see he fell asleep just as we got into the city so a little change of plan which meant B and I got something to eat and mainly had a lot of warm (strong) punch.

Getting a loaded baked potato and some apple cinnamon punch

B buying candy

View from Hauptplatz to Schlossberg. We will try that train an other when Vince is awake

Having a Glögg (think spiced, warm red wine) at Barista’s downtown.

2 Responses

  1. I love your pictures. I have a Down’s Syndrome daughter who is now 30. She is a Mosaic Down’s Syndrome (70% trisomy, 30% normal chromosomes) and they make up about 5% of all Downs Syndrome born. LIfe is never dull.
    I look forward to reading about your lives and seeing Vincent grow up….

  2. Vad mysigt ni har det! Tur vi ska ses till jul 🙂

    stor kram!!

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