Annual DS Christmas Party

Today was the annual DS Christmas Party and as always it was a lot of fun. It is hard to explain it, but leaving a DS get together I always feel extra happy, relaxed and just amazed at how many great and awesome people I am lucky enough to meet in life. The kids and the parents. I just love it, ‘nough said. Let’s move on to the clips/pictures:

First clip: Wild Vince. You may want to re-consider your so far very generous invitations over Christmas…

Second Clip: V is 13 years old and he cracks me up every time we meet. He is a big favorite among the girls too of course.I had no clue he was playing the accordion til today. I though it was all soccer.

Vince did sit still once, so I had one chance to snap a picture of his half cut hair… That is another story.

Miss J helping out playing the guitar. The angel looking lady is the Christ Kind, that is who comes on Christmas and give presents over here (Baby Christ)

Playing with Ms A and Mr L (who is sporting cool Vincent shoes)

He really enjoyed the little play that they put together and kept moving up closer and closer and eventually ended up behind the ‘stage’

4 Responses

  1. Vilken härlig dag ni verkar ha haft.

    Ha en härlig 3.e advent imorrn. Kram!

  2. ALex REALLY liked seeing the boy playing accordion because HE plays too. Now, I think he will be on a mission to teach Georgia, too! 🙂 This really made me smile, thank you for sharing.

    And V’s a GREAT dancer!

  3. Hahaha, dragspelsungen ser LITE stolt ut! Härligt. Vincent verkar ha drabbats av samma snurrvirus som min son. Mår lätt illa bara jag tittar på dom. Saknar er! Puss

  4. Underbara bilder… *tänk dig kaoset på Nyår- haha*


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