2nd Advent

No way of missing that. The kids woke up shortly after 5am…
By 6 we were done with our breakfast and Vince had both lit and blown the two candles out at least five times. Still not a single light on in any of the neighbors’ windows. Edgar went back to bed, and Vince watched Cars and I just ‘rested’ with Vince on the couch.

St. Nick came yesterday – a day early, and Vince must have been really good because Bs parents had hinted to St. Nick about instruments, and Vince got a guitar! He is in love!

He was walking around with the guitarr all morning

A new star


He actually moves his fingers around while playing.

11 Responses

  1. That is the coolest little guitar! Braden would be so jealous.

  2. How hilarious is that – multitasking!! I still can’t help laughing!! :o)))) And I LOVE Edgar’s kryptonite cheeks!

  3. Looks like a true gitar pro already! Striking chords and all while on the potty 🙂

  4. that multitasking thing is really funny!! 😀

    cheche chavez

  5. Falls eine Karriere in die musikalische Richtung einschlägt, sind diese Fotos eines Tages auf den Plakaten zu sehen…

  6. wow what a great gift!! what a way to multi task too!! haha

  7. Wow! SO cool. I especially love the potty pics. I wonder what songs he was composing??

  8. HAHAHAHAHAHA…love the multi-tasking!

  9. Hallo, könnten uns mal zum Frühstück treffen – meine Prinzessin steht auch so Früh auf.

  10. Hope V remembers his friends when he’s a famous rockstar. Backstage passes? 🙂

  11. […] He has played his first one into trash over the last year and a half. See proof here and here and here. Don’t forget that Vince and I have been inside pretty much the whole weekend due to the […]

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