Those Boys of Mine

They are certainly keeping me busy, but so far so good (KNOCK ON WOOD). Vince still loves Edgar even though he sometimes wants to run him over with that police motorcycle. He is quite protective of his little brother and not everyone is allowed to cuddle with him.
The hardest quest is getting every one ready in the morning. Vince needs to be at day care no later than 8, as he has therapy there first thing in the morning. It is especially lovely when he decides to do his limp noodle thing, where he basically relaxes every single muscle in his body and refuses to walk to the car. Hence me caring both kids, while locking the door and unlocking the garage door, then somehow getting them both in the car. One more week till B is back, we are counting the days.

Getting ready to cuddle with Edgar

Closing in with a spaghetti dinner kiss

And then you somehow ALMOST miss the action when they are asleep.

Edgar obviously is chewing kryptonite at night (see cheeks).

6 Responses

  1. Die zwei sind echt herzig!!! ;o)

  2. girl, you are amazing that you are handling those 2 boys ALONE for 2 weeks! you are SUPERwoman!!! and the fact that you can get them out of the house that early is amazing too…yes, phoenix does the spaghetti noodle thing too. sending you lots of mama energy. xoxo

  3. Hang in there! Eventually Vincent will get over you carrying Edgar around and agree to walk on his own again! I’ve been there. Hope you get help soon!

  4. You ARE superwoman! DEFINITELY. I TOTALLY understand the limp noodle thing. Bookie, come home!!! Your beautiful lady must certainly need some rest!

  5. Oh, I know the limp noodle frustration and how hard it is to carry two around. The sweetly sleeping kids almost make up for it though, huh?Love those Superman PJs.

  6. Oh, my goodness they are sooooooo adorable Christina!

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