Never a Dull Moment

The pictures this morning went fairly well. I mean the local lady we use is no Conny Wenk, but she is OK. B got sick with some bug, so instead of spending the day helping some friends out, we stayed at home. Vince was downstairs with B when I heard a big BOINK, silence, and then scream. Apparently Vince was playing soccer in the hallway and slipped and fell and busted his chin open. A big cut, and even though it was not bleeding much, the cut was deep. So off to the hospital we go. Amazingly enough we barely got into the ER before we were out again. No one ahead of us, so with a glued and taped chin off home we went.
I was ALMOST blogging about this.
Then B and Vince did a quick run to the grocery store (150m away) when I stayed home and fed Edgar. My little Vince came back and opened the door and yelled HEY. Bookie right behind him, telling me to get the stuff, we are going back to the ER. Vince had pulled of his bandage and with that the smaller butterfly bandages AND the glue. So back to the ER and again, no one ahead of us, so in and out and back home in 50 minutes.
So far the bandage stays on, but what do I know, it has only been two hours and it need to stay on for SEVEN days.

3 Responses

  1. Men lilla vännen, vilken otur ni har! Låte iaf inte som att det gör så ont längre som tur är. Jag håller tummarna för att plåstret får sitta tiden ut.

  2. Tack dear. Är inne pa dagens 4e plaster nu… dock utan aterbesök t akuten…

  3. !!!!! Why am I not receiving updates anymore like I used to? I missed several posts and just saw the next one with V and his bandage.. 😦 Poor guy. Glad to hear he is ok though. And V, the bandage is very cool!

    Hugs to all. Did you get the mac and cheese yet? (I threw in some with broccoli too – thought you might get a laugh out of that) ;o)

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