That Kind of Blows.

A little while ago, a friend who I highly value told me a true story. Apparently at her kid’s birthday party a while back, one of the guests chose not to come to the celebration because Vincent would be there. And she did not want her kid to socialize with anyone who is severely disabled [she meant Vince]. Her kid was at this time 16 months, so God only knows what kind of impact my kid would leave on hers. You know you do not get DS by playing in the same room or touching someone with DS. That is a proven fact actually.
Anyways. My friend is no longer friends with this person, and it warms my heart for her (or anyone) taking a stand for Vince.
Still it is frightening to see how some people think. Pissed me off though that this person has before and since then (before I knew this, have not seen her since) always been ultra nice to me and always comes to my shop for getting shoes.

I get that DS seems to be the ultimate measurement of tragedy to many. And I argue that it is 99.99% of the time due to misconception, stereo typing, or plain old out dated information. I am also utterly thankful for how Vince has opened my eyes to a whole new world of things. I am not just trying to iron over the bads, or get on the heaven-sent-angel-theory, etc, he did really change us for the better. Not exactly sure how, but somehow he did. seriously, he is one very cool kid who just makes you happy (when he is not vaselining his brother’s room or refusing to go to sleep or throws dill on the floor).

Now I got really side tracked, but going back to the initial point. She would not go to the birthday party because Vincent was there. And I know, totally her loss, but still, I was expecting more out of my generation in 2009.

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  1. That definitely blows. I’m sorry.

    So glad your friend stood up for Vince though! Vince is SO not severely disabled, the idea actually makes me want to laugh a little.

  2. Boooo! Her loss. Vince is a GREAT kid period. I can not even imagine what life will be like for her then 16month old once he gets older. If he is ever without friends I am certain Vince will help him out and be one to him.

  3. Men herregud, jag trodde inte det fanns såna människor, tragiskt att höra. Det är väl bara bra för barn att träffa alla “typer” av barn, ingen är ju den andra lik på något sätt. Förbjuder hon sina barn att träffa tex. mörkhyade barn också för att dom kanske ser annorlunda ut eller ett barn som är dövt eller blint?

    Det är så tråkigt att en del folk inte kan se personen för den den är, bakom det som är den “normala” normen.

    Jag blev visst också lite upprörd nu 🙂

  4. Good grief. Absolutely astounding!

  5. That really does blow. It’s her loss – because Vince is a super kid & she’ll never get to know that.

  6. One of the best things about you is the fact that you can move beyond other people’s ignorance. No need for Vince to be around people like that anyway.

  7. wow, i’m totally surprised that people like this still exist and actually have friends and get invited to birthday parties. tell your friend THANK YOU from the whole DS community for standing up for vince and all our kids. i’m not a big “angel sent from heaven” parent either, but how about DIGNITY and respect for all human beings?!

  8. but we still have to love this lady and educate her so how can we do that???

  9. That’s just bloody horrible. I can’t imagine how that must have felt. It’s definitely their loss; I’d kill for the chance for me and Orion to hang out with you and Vincent!

  10. I am still ticked about this story…of course it is her loss, but surely doesn’t make you feel good. It’s 2009 people!

  11. I am very sorry to hear that – good thing Vince won’t have to see her again.

  12. Hi! I’m horrified to hear that people can be so damn stupid. What sort of medieval person thinks it’s bad to hang out with a boy like your little Vince? He sounds like a great kid from what I’ve read. 🙂 I want to thank you for this great blog! Im a teacher with experience in working with a child with DS and now that I’m studying at the university to get a deeper knowledge in disabilities such as DS, I’m writing a paper about what I consider to be the most important things to know about DS when your working as a teacher. Thank you again for your wonderful blog!

  13. GAH!!! Tur för den människan att hon inte träffar mig – någonsin! Fy farao vilken #%&”¤!!!!

    Och du…. den familjen är inte ens värdig att få träffa Vincent och er- så det så!


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