Edgar’s Birth Story

Before I completely forget it, and as I promised a few, here is finally Edgar’s birth story.

I woke up on Friday October 9th around 4 am and had to go pee. I realized the mucus plug was gone, and about 20 minutes later I felt the first contractions. I let Bookie and Vince sleep, and relaxed a little. The contractions were about 10 minutes apart. When Vince and Bookie got up, we called Bs parents and told them to please pick Vince up from Kindergarten in the afternoon.
Around 11 am, the contractions were 8 minutes apart or so, and we called the hospital, and they told us to come in. So we got ready and went shortly before noon. Here is the last preggo shot of me:

Exactly 40 weeks pregnant

We got to the hospital and did a CTG and I was only 2 cm open. At least they admitted I had real contractions, but then they told us to walk around till the contractions were about 3 minutes apart or a lot stronger. We went and had some lunch, and where we ran into Vince speech therapist, the boss of the shopping mall, and a customer from the store who all wished us good luck. About 20 minutes into the meal, the contractions got a lot stronger and they came more often. We paid and headed back to the delivery room. Contractions every 3-4 min but still only 3cm open. The doctor asked if I wanted to walk around more or if I wanted some pain relief. I chose alternative two and we headed to the delivery room.
I think we got there at around 1.3o pm.

At around 4 pm I was having contractions about every minute, 3+cm open. Sigh. I was having deja vu’s from Vincent’s birth that also proceeded very slowly, but with lots of contractions coming very fast. I got the epidural and the mid wife told me that the pain will be gone soon. After 30 minutes I was still in a lot f pain and concentrated hard on trying to breathe the right way. The epidural doctor came back and they realized the epidural never went in the right place. Therefore the pain. So one more try and thank G it worked. I could finally relax.

I was not allowed to lay on my back at all, which I can not remember they told me with Vince, so I was laying in some uncomfortable way on the side. Now with all the pain gone. Lovely. Bookie and I talked and laughed and had a good time. We revisited a lot of thoughts from Vincent’s birth and it was very nice and relieving to talk about all that has happened the last few years. How all that seemed so bad and horrible actually was not scary at all. How we realized we lucked out 100% having Vincent. Bonus chromosome included.

I was opening at about 1 cm an hour. I was able to sleep a little and gather some strength. Then when I was 7cm open, nothing happened. I was stuck at 7 cm for a few hours and our theories of having this baby on the Friday disappeared. Then all of a sudden I was 9 cm, and then 10cm. They told me to push, but I was so tired. Then the mid wife told me she could see the head, and all of  a sudden I felt a rush of energy. After pushing three or four times our precious Edgar came out. At 1.16 am Saturday October 10,2009 Edgar Jonas Valentin was born. They immediately gave him to me and he was screaming his little head off. But he did quiet down pretty fast:). Vince umbilical cord was so short, so they were not able to put him on my stomach.

Bookie cut the cord, and helped them weigh and measure him. The mid wife told me she thought he was big, but i had a shock when they said 3990g! If I had known that before hand, I would have fainted. That is more than 1,2kg more than Vince was! Still no stitches needed.



This time the placenta came out so no surgery needed. But, apparently there was some type of internal bleeding. So ca 10 minutes after Edgar was born a team of Doctors came running in. One man said, ok this might hurt, and then pushed all his weight on my tummy and added a thick bag of ice. Then they gave me 2 bags of something that would make the uterus retract faster and help stop the bleeding.
It did not hurt, cause I still had the epidural, but it was not exactly pleasant either. we ended up staying two hours longer in the delivery room, just to make sure everything was OK.

At around 5 am in the morning I was rolled upstairs to the room where Edgar and I stayed for another 4 days.


It was a very nice experience. Everything went as it was supposed to go the first time. We had no surprises, all the blood test were good, no surprise diagnoses and an early release. We are still adjusting to being a family of four, and the true test will come in a week and a half when Bookie goes on a business trip to Korea for 2 weeks. But so far, so good!

And just so you know, in case anyone was wondering, I am still all for screwing the statistics:

Labor first kid: 5hrs 45 min
Labor second kid: 11 hrs 45 min

Pregnancy first kid: 38 +0 weeks
Pregnancy second kid: 40+1

Pain labor first kid: bad
Pain labor second kid: **** (bad word)

After labor contractions first kid: liveable
After labor contractions second kid: **** (really bad word)

9 Responses

  1. Gotta love your statistics!!! =)

  2. Wow Kicki, for having done such a job you should receive an award for being the utmost patient mom-to -be and I love the way how you are telling such stories 🙂

  3. Äsch jag har ju SAGT att statistik bara är hittepå! Puss

  4. I loooove birth stories – yours is a good and a long one ;o)

  5. congrats! sounds like a beautiful birth. as for the placenta, with #1 (phoenix with DS) they were able to take out placenta manually (that was MUCH WORSE then the natural labor!), #2 i had to be operated on and #3 came out all on its own. i’m so happy it was delivered naturally for you this time! WARNING: the transition from one child to two nearly killed me!!! some of the worst days of my life. you are so brave for letting hubby go on a trip for 2 weeks. i’m sure you have good network of friends and family around so USE THEM! xoxo

  6. Våra förlossningshistorier är lite som killarnas lumparhistorier. Man känner igen sig och vet vad den andre snackar om liksom även fast man inte varit på samma ställe, eller träffat samma människor. Kul statistik!

    Men du, två veckor!!!! Du fixar väl så du får barnvakt någon gång. Martins första resa var en vecka lång och då var Elvis några veckor. Elvira blev hemskt mammig och grinade så fort någon annan pratade till henne typ. En prövning må jag säga. Men du är ju coollugn (verkar det som) så det går säkert bra.

  7. Kul att läsa om upplevelsen (trots det jobbiga) och det är inte minst imponerande att du slapp sy något!
    Ni har fått två jättefina pojkar, grattis än en gång!

  8. I can’t believe that pic is of you at 40 wks! You were so tiny 🙂 Glad everything went well – except for the long delivery waiting to dilate!

  9. Somehow i never read this until now. You are so beautiful pregnant (and always). Such a stinker that little Edgar making you wait like that! 🙂

    My first epi didn’t work with Rainer, either. Had to have it again.

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