Amazing Family

There are some amazingly great people I have met throughout the last 3.5 years all due to this extra chromosome that at first seem to throw every thing off for a while. Like Michelle, who is writing over at The  Zoromski Chronicles. This is what her presentation says for you who don’t know her:

Our oldest child, Karly, is 15; she was 7 when Brian & I married & he adopted her shortly after. Karly recently finished treatment (chemo and radiation) for an extremely rare form of ovarian cancer. Braden is 6 and clever and our entertainer! He’s a little sweetheart and loves his sisters very much. He also loves Legos, Star Wars, Hot Wheels and to play board games! He’s in Kindergarten and beginning to read, which is very exciting for all of us! Ruby is our newest addition, she turned two in May. She’s the queen of the castle. She’s our twin, her identical sister, Lydia, was lost – but will always be a part of our family story. Both Ruby and Lydia were diagnosed at birth with Down Syndrome. We have no answers to why we lost Lydia – and we miss her every day.

Do you know what they are up to now? They are adopting Lily. A 5-year-old girl from Eastern Europe who also has DS. Pretty amazing family,I would say!

Grab This Button

I was going to put the One True Media clip on here, but I do not know how to get it on wordpress. But PLEASE take a short moment to click on this link. PLEASE! PLEASE! It is really worth it, and it shows more about what Reece’s Rainbow is.


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  1. Thanks, Christina! You’re so sweet!!

  2. […] Bring Lily Home Posted on December 9, 2009 by christinamolin Not so long ago I wrote about Michelle and her family who are adopting Lily. But the adoption is pretty expensive, so they […]

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