Preparing for Santa

Vince is loving all the catalogues that are coming in the mail. He especially likes the Lego sets.


And the firemen/police station Playmobile.

However, I am thinking more Duplo vs. Playmobile/Lego due to less than one million small pieces per set. Cause you know, it is not like we have enough toys with one million small pieces everywhere. At least he is not into puzzles yet.

5 Responses

  1. Duplo är bra specielltnär man dessutom har syskon..fortare än ni anar så kryper Edgar omkring och man kan inte lita på har hittat Livia gnagandes på både det ena och andra som hennes bror lämnat kvar:-)

  2. MEN HERRE MIN GUD vad är det som har hänt? Han är ju gigantisk ungen!! Smärre chock.. Hoppas att han inte har ärvt dina pusselgener då, lär bli besvärligt. Saknar er! Puss

  3. Duplo säger jag med, Jesper vill fortfarande ha mer Duplo… Kram!

  4. Hannah LOVES duplo – she and Kit play with it every day. Kit has only just started a love affair with the little stuff – and not only is it a million small pieces but if her takes it outside to play – some falls down under our low deck and DH has to crawl in to retrieve it. Hannah would like to have some too I think but it is a little bit hard for her – fine motor wise. Maybe Santa will bring her a small packet.

  5. how cool he will even look at the magazines and be so interested!!!!! wow~!

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