My Mom (Vince’s and Edgar’s mormor) came to visit this weekend. It was a lot of fun, and it was really fun that Vince was not shy at all, and to 99% very well behaving. Edgar too, but he usually is not too much trouble as of yet.

Mormor and Edgar

We went shopping in the city on Saturday, and walked around in the beautiful fall weather. All was good till the milk bomb struck. Mastit/Mjölkstockning on one side on Saturday and adding the next side by Sunday morning. PAIN. I started having a fever and was feeling pretty bad. I called the hospital and we went in. They confirmed and did some blood tests and pitied my blue and red colored poor boobs. They wanted me to spend the night, but I managed to get the antibiotics, painkillers and got to go home, but only if I promised to come back if it became worse. So many hot showers and ice-cold booby-tricks later I am feeling pretty much fine. Still in pain while feeding Edgar, but it is getting better.

My mom flew back yesterday, but good thing it is Christmas soon. Then the four of us here in Austria are planning to invade casa-de-la-Brasmerud in Sweden for at least three weeks!

2 Responses

  1. Stackare där! Hoppas det blir bättre i bobisarna snart. Vet bara lite hur det kan kännas, fick det aldrig så allvarligt men det räckte…..
    Kul att ni kommer hem till Fräsförs till jul.
    Har ni långtråkigt någon dag kan ni alltid kika ner till oss och muséet. 😉 Kram!

  2. Jaja, men du är snygg iaf. Kram.

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