Weekend Recap

Vince is still liking being a big brother and still is very nice to Edgar. He loves it when he gets to hold him and loves it even more when he wakes Edgar up. Edgar usually falls a sleep within a minute again anyways.

Edgar and Vince on the couch. Vince is wearing his new favorite item, a self proclaimed fireman hat. He got a gift of big boy underwear with all kinds of tractors etc on them, and this is the bag they came in. He wears that thing on his head all day long… 

Bs family came over this weekend and brought the kiddoes an apple tree each, which they helped us plant yesterday. Edgar missed all the action by snoozing (as usual I AM NOT complaining).

Figuring out where to put the trees

Vince trying to undig his Da Vinci rose bush

Uncle Matthias and Oma planting the trees.

3 Responses

  1. Ha! I love his hat!

    Is that your building’s garden? Wow! I love it. People aren’t going to snatch your apples, are they?

  2. funny vince!
    and such a cute baby boy! congratulations!

  3. Echt cool – der Hut von Vince, und noch dazu wasserdicht.
    Und Edgar schaut ja schon richtig groß aus.
    bis bald

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