Food and Ica and Good Stuff

See, I miss Swedish food. A lot.
Every time in Sweden, we buy a ton of stuff to take with us back here. Mainly fish balls, cheeses, spices, special sauces etc. And after hearing about this campaign from here and here and here  and from friend E, I decided to actually do the click. And for sure, I will keep shopping at ICA. See for yourself at ICA’s Vi kan mer-campaign

Sorry it is in Swedish, the story is that the people are over worked in the store. The boss has promised them more manpower in help of an intern to help out. That is where Jerry comes is, and the punchline is:
What are you staring at, have you never seen an intern before?

2 Responses

  1. Den är så cool!

  2. Den andra är ÄNNU bättre! Kolla på Heja Abbe. Puss

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