Crappy Morning

I woke up when I heard Vince stir around 4.30ish. As Edgar had been on an eating spree in a heroic effort to save me from an even more plugged milk duct, I asked B to get up to go to Vince. So he did. And then I hear:
-Oh no Vincent, Oh NO, OH NO.

So of course I also got up. And let’s start by saying, not a single drop in the bed, or on the walls or on the floor. BUT smeared poop all over his rug. And all over himself. Including the hair…
Good stuff. Not.

So I gave him an unpopular bath, Bookie cleaned the floors, and we disinfected the whole downstairs. The washer is running non stop still. Thank G I did not buy that nice rug I wanted

4 Responses

  1. Oh gods I’ve been there. I hope you get to go back to bed!

  2. Oh My! I can not tell you how much empathy I have for you on this! We just got through the “poop” phase with Jaden and can say that he is finally 100% potty trained, not 60% or 30%. and it takes a tremendous amount of patience. Patience that I did not really have on some days…but the good news is..They do eventually stop playing with their poop and you do stop eventually having to clean poop off of everything, and it will, I promise you, not go on forever:)

  3. No pics this time??? :0)

  4. Åh nej! Vilken start på dagen…. Peppar, peppar så har inte J gjort nåt liknande någonsin – och nu får vi hoppas att han är för stor för sånt “bus”.

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