31 for 21- Post 2

Get It Down; 31 for 21
It occurred to me not too long after I posted on here that I was pregnant with number two, that some people might think I waited so long to tell because of prenatal testing. Could not be further from the truth. I chose not to post about the pregnancy earlier due to some business purposes and that I did not want to have the petty-me-pregnancy-card dealt to me.
About prenatal testing for this kiddoe, we did none. Zero, zip, nada.
To us, it does not matter what this child will be like. Of course we are hoping for a baby without any health issues or any dx. But if that is so, then so it is.
As I have stated before, Vincent has Translocation 21;21, a very rare form of DS (and Translocation too for that matter). In short, he has an extra 21st chromosome stuck together with another 21st chromosome, so more than one, but not two complete ones, and then one more 21st chromosome. In total 46 chromosomes, not the typical 47 for DS.
Anyways, this type of DS (translocation) could be inherited. If B and I are carriers, we can only have children with DS. That is true only for the Translocation 21;21, not the other translocations.  We have done a blood test that showed we are not carriers in all our cells, but there is also a slight risk that we still are carriers in the sex cells. Obviously that is a bit harder to test, and something we have had no interest in. Yet.
But back to the baby now, we chose not to do the combined ultra sound/blood test (KUB/Nupp/Tripple Test) as it would not change our decision to have this child. We did not do the CVS ar had any neck measurements/nose bone searches during the ultrasounds. We DID do an organ screening in week 20, that was to prepare us for any heart, digestive, or other major issues that would have an impact on what hospital to have this baby at. Luckily, that showed nothing, so we are sticking to Graz for the birth. That is if this little one ever wants to come out…

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  1. Finns det dokumenterat familjer där man fått fler än ett barn med DS? Hade ingen aning om att vissa DS-diagnoser hade en ärftlighetsfaktor. Hoppas iaf att bebisen kommer ut snart! Jag gick 11 dagar över tiden med Victor…det var långa dagar.

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