When I dropped Vince off this morning at kindergarten he just ran inside, took his shoes off, put them in his place and ran inside and started playing. Two girls immediately came up to him and said Hi Vincent.
The teacher told me that he is doing great at that they are not having any problems at all, and neither is Vincent. He is eating, sleeping and playing along with all the other kids. I am so relieved that he likes it. He has not even been especially found of being picked up in the afternoon either. I take that as good news.
When I came to pick him up today, the kids were in the kitchen having a snack. One after an other they came out, finally it must have been only Vince left. I could hear him go NO, NO, so I walked over there. Turns out he wanted to put his back pack on on his OWN. Not with any help (therefore the NO screams as the teacher had been trying to help him). He put it on, then saw me and came running with his arms in the air. Gave me a huge hug, a kiss and then went back into the play room. I can’t believe he is such a big boy already.

4 Responses

  1. Good to hear! Always nice when they like Kindergarten, even nicer when they enjoy seeing us again, eh?

  2. Låter ju som att han gillar det. Skönt!

  3. wow, super.
    Grosser Vincent!

  4. Härligt att läsa om Vince. Ser fram emot lillebrors ankomst.

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