That went well

It was interesting and I think this year will make a big difference in Vince development. What was great was that everyone seemed really keen on learning the ASL signs. We also got some material to set up a communication folder for Vince. A neat idea, which will develop more two way communication as well as start more story telling about what he does in the day.

The psychiatrist lady will work with cognitive skills, I kind of got that she will be like a mix between ergo and speech? She seemed nice also. The physio therapist is my favorite, and Vince favorite too. She will let him climb around and bring friends into her therapy. I liked that.

The teacher also told us that yesterday Vince and some kids were sitting around the book corner looking at books. Somehow, Vince started signing a bunch of stuff and one kid ask what Vince was doing. The teacher then explained that that is the way Vince communicates a lot of words. The kids got really excited and Vince was showing off how to say a bunch of things in his way, and the kids repeated after Vince. Made my day to hear that 🙂

3 Responses

  1. Duktige Vince!

  2. COOL KILLE! Jag tror faktiskt att vi måste bunta ihop grabbarna någon gång för J kör “teckenspråk” hela tiden – han kanske skulle ta och lära sig det på riktigt. 😀

    Tänker på dig vännen! Hoppas att du mår bra.


  3. Åh, låter ju toppen!!! Kram o kel.

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