First Week

Vince is liking the Kindergarten Ok so far. He refused to eat or drink anything Wedn and Thursday, but that is fine. He ate a good breakfast and he ate lunch when he got home. Today he cried when I dropped him off, but as soon as I closed the door he was quiet again. Thankfully his assistant is not there till 10 am, otherwise I am sure she would apply the crying to his inability to adopt to a new environment…
I am thankful she is there for a few hours a day so she can take him to the toilet, help him out with some stuff, but in general I am not overly impressed by her. The teachers on the other hand are awesome. Oh and I did not follow the assistants recommendation of having him there for a max of 90 min a day. He has been there for 4.5 hours since Wedn and he is doing absolutely fine during that time. Next week we are trying lunch, and possibly sleeping time too. I am a rebel, I know…

2 Responses

  1. Vince, you’re the BEST!!!! So proud of you and miss you like crazy!!!!!
    And hmmm …. isn’t tomorrow the date of the dates, HEHE!!!!!

  2. Sounds like he’s doing super well! Good for Vince!!

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