I am Feeling Better Now

I just got back from dropping Vince off at Kindergarten where I had a  long talk to his head teacher. She had seen that I was really unhappy yesterday and was glad we had some time to talk this morning. I feel a lot better now. She understood my concerns, and I think together we can get the assistant to understand that she needs to use Vince (I know, hard to believe) as the starting point. Not her made up step by step direction for integration.
He is staying there from 8.30-12.30 today. If it does not work they will call me. He had been in the room playing for almost an hour when I peeked in. He did not see me, he was busy chatting to someone on a pretend phone as he simultaneously examined a doll with a stethoscope. I had parked right outside that window where he was playing, so he saw me drive away, and made a sad face. But at least no phone call till yet, so I am guessing he is fine.

Oh and this is pretty funny. He is such a clothes/shoe freak. Today he refused to put on his new fleece jacket I bought him, he would only wear the rain jacket. He also picked out which shoes to wear, and he flat out refuses to put on shoes he does not like. For Kindergarten they needed slippers and shoes for the exercise room. Due to the fact that I own a kid’s shoe store, I have him lined up with three different types of shoes for the different things at school and he also has some socks with rubber under. Do you think he is wearing ANY of them? Nope. At least they are laying in his basket doing a good job of marketing the shoes;)

4 Responses

  1. Skönt att the head teacher verkar vara på din linje och iaf förstå hur ni tänker kring Vince. Det kommer säkert ordna sig! Kramen o pussen.

  2. Låter som att det kommer att bli riktigt bra till slut, bara assistenten är klar med SIN inskolning på dagis. 😉

    Och det låter dessutom som att Vince är lika “beslutsam” (låter bättre än: förbannat envis) som Jesper med kläder & skor. I morse var det lång förhandling om vilken tröja som skulle på för han skulle prompt ha en kortärmad och INGEN tröja över… Vi har lite för kallt på mornarna för det. Slutade med att mannen fick igenom sin vilja.
    Dock tog det ca 10 minuter….

  3. I thought girls were supposed to be the ones who were too fussy about clothes. I got into an argument with William today over whether his fleece thingy is a sweatshirt or a coat. Exhausting!

    good news on the teacher. They’ll figure it out.

  4. Skönt att höra att det inte bara är min son som är bestämd när det kommer till kläder. Han VÄGRAR ha byxor på sig som har knapp framtill och han blir tvärsur när jag envisas med att han ska ha sin jättefina Alfons-fleecejacka.

    Bra att du fick pratat med någon som förstod dina tankar och funderingar kring vad assistenten sagt. Hoppas på en bra lösning.

    Och en sak till, beställningen av skor. Är den klar?

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