Still not Convinced…

Vince stayed for an hour and a half today. He was absolutely fine. But apparently his ‘assistant’ the one I was not overly impressed with yesterday saw some problems:

1) The furniture is not all there yet, so they have improvised a bit. It is all ´new stuff that should come during this week. So the kids had done some handprints with water colors and due to lack of anything else, they were drying on the floor. Apparently Vince had stepped on one…

2) They were all sitting in a circle and waving one of those big parachute things. One kid at a time was supposed to go in the middle and then they were pretending the wind was blowing. Vince did not want to do that.

The ‘assistant’ saw these issues as big problems as he is not integrated in the group yet. No shit lady, he has been here for 1.5 hours??? And you know those two outrageous things must be signs of DS, right?
She also keeps pointing out that he is ‘a little different and needs so much more’ attention etc, which I do not agree with. I know he has DS, and needs some extra help with SOME things, but a lot of stuff he can do just fine alone.

Key in our philosophy about raising Vince is not to make him more ‘disabled’ than he is. The more we challenge him the better he does. Of course we help him and support him, but we let him try things out on his own to see if he can do it. This Chiquita is going the other way around about it.

She wants Vince to come for max 1.5 hours a day this whole week. As he gets so exhausted from this challenge of a new place. I am not sure how the heck she figured that out as she never had met my kid before yesterday. anyways, I told her No. Tomorrow I will bring him earlier and pick him up later.
She then replied that she won’t be there till 10, and I simply told her than he will have to do without her for an hour or so. And if it does not work, they have my number and can call me and I pick him up in 10 min.
I also talked to the Kindergarten teachers who thought this was a good idea. He is also staying for lunch there and I pick him up before nap.

Let’s just leave it at that the ‘assistant’ was not overly thrilled with me making my own plans for my kid. Will be interesting to see how this all ends.
And just so you know, I am VERY thankful for this extra help he gets, but it needs to be things that HELPs Vince, not PREVENTS him from developing.

8 Responses

  1. Oj. Det där låter inte som en bra assistent, utbildning och erfarenhet till trots. Faktiskt låter hon som en mardrömsassistent. Vad bra av dig att ta tag i det direkt och vara tydlig med hur du vill ha det. Följer utvecklingen med intresse.
    Hälsar Malin (mamma till Irma, 4 år, som också har DS)

  2. those “problems” don’t seem like they have anything at all to do with DS. she sounds like she needs to get to know Vince and everything he can do.

    I hate when people have low expectations! you hang in there, you’re doing the right thing.

  3. Good for you for sticking up for what you think is right for Vince. I have found it t is easy to get bulldozed by teachers (even kindergarten ones!)

  4. Låter som vilken 3-åring som helst.
    Assistenten verkar lite konstig, hoppas det blir bättre när hon lärt känna Vincent och sett vilka behov han har. Men läraren verkar väldigt bra.

  5. Du, om Adrian inte tycker ngt är kul så koncentrerar han sig inte på det. Så att barn är barn, det är inte DS.
    You Go GiRL!!!
    Kram, Du är saknad

  6. This “assistant” isn’t considered to be an expert, is she???? Because according to her my child (same age as Vince) would have VAST problems integrating in pre-school. I am not sure if he has ever participated in one of this circle time plays where you are in the center of the attention….(and he has been going there since February….)! Try to be strong! I admire your strength!!!!! Go Vince, go!

  7. Ja jösses… Kommentarer överflödiga. Hoppas det löser sig.

  8. The assistant is a jerk. I cried every day for the first two weeks I was in kindergarten. Imagine if I had Ds and that assistant was there!

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