My Wise Vince

Vince has been totally without diapers during night and day for a few weeks now. He has wet his bed twice. I am very proud of him. The other night he woke up, turned the light on in his room, and went outside in the hallway. I asked him to go back to bed (from our bed) and then got up as I heard he stayed out there. He was outside the bathroom trying to get his PJ pants off. I got there in time and sat him on the toilet and he peed. We bought a stepping thing, but he is still not big enough to climb up there alone.

It is also no news that the kid is the earliest raiser in this family. And he is smart about it. He usually comes into us around 5ish and then we desperately try to get him to sleep for an extra hour and a half. It works most of the time. But now the little rascal has it all figured out. Around 5.30ish or so, when he thinks he has had enough sleep, he snuggles over to me or B and gives you little kisses. When you open your eyes he immediately signs POTTY. He knows that will get us up and he is off the hook for trying to sleep longer…My little wonderful Vince!

2 Responses

  1. Jadu, dom där små är alldeles för smarta för sina föräldrar ibland.

  2. Det är läskigt när de är så smarta.

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