First Day of Kindergarten

I think it went good. I have been thinking about it for a few hours now. I mean, Vince was absolutely fine with everything.
We had decided that we would come at 1.30 pm as I am home, and as it is an all new place, all kids were having their first day today. We had been told that it might be till October til the IZB (the extra resources/therapy people) could start their ‘assessment’ of Vincent, so I was a bit positively surprised when the leader of the team showed up at 1.30 too.

So we had a meeting with Vince’s teachers and the team lady. My very first impression was not that impressive, but I actually stood up right away and said clearly No to some things I do not believe will be the best for Vince. I think she was a bit surprised about that I did not just agree with her, and she did say something like that she has all the Kindergarten experience, and I told her true, but I have 3.5 years experience with my kid.
In the end it feels good and I think right. The teachers were definitely listening to what I had to say, and asked good questions. I also told them that we prefer being asked questions instead of them making assumptions. All but one has no previous experience with integration and or DS. I also told them if they get questions from other parents to please forward them to us and we will answer to the best of our knowledge. I was not quite that bitchy as it sounds, but I do belive it is better to speak up early instead of being unhappy about it all afterwards.
The team leader was a bit, hmm, negative might be th right word- on certain points. But when we left she did say that I seem to know what I am talking about and that I had done my research. Duh, you know it is my kid? I (Did not say that though…)

Most likely Vince will have speech, physio,  motor, and ergo therapy in Kindergarten as well as an extra person being there a few hours a week every week. In addition a child psychiatrist (?) will visit bi-weekly. I guess for him to discuss issues at home? I kid, I kid, but seriously I am not sure what the purpose of that visit is. I will take it though. When I asked about it they mumbled something about cognitive skills development. See, there are a lot of big words rolling around at this type of meeting. The one today lasted almost 3 hours. And I am VERY thankful for it, you just feel a bit fried afterwards. Kind of like you have to sell your kid really high and low at the same time.

Preparation pack: Backpack with snack box, Book by Conny Wenk for the teachers/parents to read, a book discussing truth/myths about DS for the teachers/parents to read (if you read/understand German, this one is really good), and Vince book of signs with some key signs in there. To be added to throughout the year.


The kid ready for first day of Kindergarten. He did get a hair cut yesterday, which the neighbors might have thought were some kind of severe issue due to LOUD screaming…

6 Responses

  1. Åh, det kommer säkert gå jättebra!!! Vince är ju en prins och han har de bästa päronen ever. Kram.

  2. I love the prep kit and wow – he looks so dashing in his first day outfit!

  3. Ah, he looks like such a handsome big guy! Congrats on a good first day of school.

  4. way to stand your ground girl!! sounds like he had a good day!!

  5. Han är verkligen söt! Det går säkert jättebra! Kramisar!

  6. We’ve had similar experiences at schools in the US.

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