We had  our information meeting about the new day care for Vince yesterday. I must say I am impressed. The 25 kid thing still scares me, but that is just the way it is in Austria if we do not want to put him in the non-inclusive day care, which we don’t.

The place is newly built, it is all new and nice looking. All food served is organic, and they focus a lot on health, exercise and nutrition. Sounds good. There is a big gymnastic room where they will do exercises daily. They are also using quite a bit of Montessori theories in teaching colors, days, seasons, shapes etc.
The teachers seemed nice too. When they had found out that Vincent has DS they had even done some research to what that would mean from them.

We will continue signing and also teach the teachers some signs to help. Vince language is definitely where he is the most behind, but hopefully with a lot of talking kids around him, language will also take of.
So on Monday we start… I am excited. It seems like it worked out like we wanted it, let’s keep the fingers crossed.

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  1. Vad underbart att höra. Det låter som ett toppenställe. Tänk att behöva slita så för något som är en rättighet. Håller tummarna för att Vince kommer trivas som fisken…

    Kram Erika

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