Getting Ready

We still have a few weeks till the real due date, but now that vacation is over, if it was up to me this baby is welcome at anytime. Sooner rather than later would be preferred…
I had a check up at the Dr’s today and everything looks fine. Apparently we are having a tall baby.
I also had acupuncture done for the first time ever. It should help for swollen feet/hands, and help with a speedy less painful delivery. Whatev, but I figured it won’t hurt to try it. But it did hurt. At least one of the needles that was placed kind of under my pinkie and on the side of the palm. It still feels a bit weird there, but the rest of the needles I could not feel at all. I was feeling brave and made a new appointment for in 2 weeks as well.

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  1. Ever heard of Voodoo, darling? ;0)

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