Vince has been doing some pretty funny things lately. He is not really signing a lot of two or three word sentences when he wants something, but he does have a really (in my opinion) smart way of asking questions/assessing situations.

Two weeks  ago or so, we were visiting some friends who have a pool in their back yard. we have not been pooling so much this summer, so it was a new experience for Vince for this year. He ran up to the pool, stopped and then signed WATER, FISH and lifted his shoulders up in a I don’t know way, that I do a lot. So basically he did not want to go in the water as he did not know if there would be fish in there. Once I told him no fish, he was fine and jumped in.

Yesterday after we got back, Bookie and Vince were on the balcony.
Bookie said, come on Vince, let’s go on a bike ride.
Vince then pointed at the sky, that was looking rather dark, and signed COLD, CLOUDS, and again, the I don’t know thing that we now has attributed to his way of putting a phrase into a question. He then proceeded to sign LETS GO and HELICOPTER.
Smart kid, way warmer if it rains.

Today at Bookie’s parents place, Opa had a fire in the fire place going. Vince was outside and saw the smoke coming out of the chimney. He ran up to Opa and signed OH NO (words), HOT, CALL, FIREMAN. Opa of course tried to explain that it was Ok with the smoke. Vince than ran over to me and said/signed the same thing as he pulled on my pants to get going on calling the firemen. He is absolutely obsessed with Fireman Sam, so I contribute that understanding totally to watching TV…

3 Responses

  1. Ha! He is really funny. and bright — that’s some great communicating!

    so, you guys have a helicopter???

  2. Vad söt han är 🙂

  3. I am impressed!

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