Back from the beach

We thought we were so smart, leaving at 8.30 am this morning. No traffic at all, so we made a quick stop at a grocery store and loaded the car with Parmesan cheeses, grappa, olive oils and balsamic vinegars. By the time we got out of the store, less than 30 min later, the traffic was at a total stand still. The 12 miles (20kms) till the high way took us about two hours…

But we made it home safely and we had a great trip! Italian people are SO pleasant and so happy to have kid’s around. We will definitely return!

Vince seeing the ocean and taking off for a swim

The pink whale is me, and the kid crawling is Vince

Vince taking off for the deeper water and bigger wave, he has absolutely NO fears…

He just LOVED the water


Wanting to rent a beach chair

Sand monster

And look at this celeb we got to hang with for a few days 🙂 As usual she is just the creme de la crop, the most pleasant, positive person you can ever have the pleasure of socializing with.

Vince did great in the water, with his floaters he was kicking around the deep end of the pool as well as the kid section. He was SO happy!

With dad in the deep end

And he had a few ice creams (a day…)

If it does not work out with Felix for Juliana, and if she is into younger men, Vince is def up for grabs!

With dad on the board walk

With mom on the board walk

8 Responses

  1. Det ser ut som ni har haft det riktigt kul!!!
    Du ser fantastisk ut…är du i 6:e månaden eller?
    Saknar dig jätte mkt…

  2. Men jösses vad avis man blir när man ser picsen… Spec eftersom det tokregnat hela dagen här. :0( Miss you all. Största kramen.

  3. Could he possibly be any cuter? And you look lovely, Christina – just glowing 🙂 And you got to hang out with Conny! Woot!

  4. Ni ser ut att ha haft det underbart i Italien! Ni är så värda den tiden tillsammans! KRAM

  5. BEAUTIFUL pictures :). You look wonderful!

    Puss och kram

    ah yes, I do speak swedish.. ;o)

  6. Hey Gorgeous!!! You’re so fast!! I haven’t even looked at my pics yet. Okay, we’re still not home though. Haha, check out my blog I am running another little goofy contest 😉
    It was just WONDERFUL to hook up with you guys!!!!! So in love with Prince Vince!!! He’s just the cutest little heartbreaker on this planet!!!! You live way too far away!! So happy, we make it an annual thing!!! 🙂 Mille mille baci
    P. S. Next time, you can have Aperol Spritz, too! 🙂

  7. Beautiful pictures!! Vince sure did enjoy himself. Can’t wait for Vince’s little playmate! … And so cool to hang out with the talented Conny Wenk!! (I’m jealous, jealous!) 🙂

    From the Philippines,
    Cheche Chavez

  8. Looks lovely!!

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