Not much

Yay! Vince has been without diaper in the night for 4 nights now, not one single accident. He actually signs potty in the night when he needs to go, so so far so good.

B is coming back from Korea today (midnight)! So yay for that too. Yay for him being jet lagged too, and hopefully being really awake around 6 am when Vince will wake up tomorrow – allowing me to sleep in a little. The baby is super wild at night, to the point that it is getting harder and harder to fall asleep. Thankfully, Vince (and I) have been taking three  hour long naps all week long.

One Response

  1. way to go vince on the potty training!! we are not that close!!!! you must be soo proud of him!!
    Glad you got to enjoy some nice nap time this weekend!

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