My kid is pretty clever I’d say. At ST this morning he asked for water, drank a WHOLE glass (which he never does) and threw up 2 seconds later. So he got out of there early, we re-scheduled the hearing test for Monday and went home. At home he ran inside, asked for bread, cheese and a drink and asked to watch TV. Happy as could be. He was totally fine the rest of the day.

Recently he has gotten into coloring. He likes when we color together and then he tells me what to draw. If you know me, you know how artistic I am, so Vince does get to use his imagination quite a bit.

In the afternoon we picked up some McD food, after all they do have the Lego race cars in the happy meals over here now. But they were out of them, so Vince god one of those mini radios instead:

B is stuck in Korea for a few extra day, so here is some proof daddy that I am not corrupting our son to be all Swedish while you are gone:

2 Responses

  1. Han är så stooor nu!!! Vill bara äta upp honom med sked. Saknar er.

  2. we got the lego cars in our meals yesterday! you want me to send you one?

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