Hearing Test

The hearing test went pretty well. He refused to wear head phones today so we did it only based on reaction to different sounds via loud speaker. He could definitely hear 50 db, and probably less too, but then the toys got too exciting. We got a new appointment tomorrow to try again. We also got to bring home a pair of head phones to practice wearing till tomorrow, so maybe he will let us do the rest of the test then. Based on perception, none of us think he hears bad, but it is good to have that proven, my kid is pretty clever when it comes to tricking his parents…

If you wonder why we are being so anal about the hearing: hearing well has a huge impact on speech. Many kids with DS have hearing issues, and it is common to have fluids in the ears. Add to that that the whole anatomy of the ear canal is a little shorter and smaller in many cases, and you have yet an even harder time to hear. You can try it by putting both your hands cupped over your ears and then talk, then you notice a significant difference. If you are learning to speak while constantly hearing like that you see why it might be a little bit tougher.

3 Responses

  1. hope tomorrow goes well!!

  2. I love the fact that you are so anal!!! You are the best anals ever! ;0) Smoooches.

  3. When my older brother was a kid, my parents got worried about his hearing and took him to the doctor. Turned out there was nothing wrong with him, other than he couldn’t be bothered taking that much notice of his parents trying to tell him anything 🙂

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