Ears and Hearing

A few weeks ago we had a follow up with Vince’s Ear Nose and throat (ENT) doctor. We were supposed to have that 6 months after T& A surgery, but hey you know, time flies. So we had it like 14 months later or so. Turns out that he does have some fluid in his ears, so we might be looking at having to put the tubes in his ears. However, the date set by the hospital was pretty much exactly in correlation of my due date for the baby, so we decided to wait.

It is strange, cause Vince hears EVERYTHING, I swear. When he falls a sleep he will wake up if you do not sneak so silently out of his room that NO sound whatsoever is made. And if he is down stairs and you open a bag of chips upstairs, he will come running. So I don’t think he has a hearing loss (hoping so at least). September 7th is the next check up, and we are heading to pick up some ear drops for that today.

Last time at speech, we got a phone number to someone who is supposed to be really good at doing the hearing tests on little kid. A patient person, I was told. Late as usual, I made a phone call, and wholly moly, I got an appointment for Wednesday morning. I asked her how long it would take approximately, and she said no longer than 45 minutes if we get it all done in one session, but for us to be prepared to come back up to 5 times in order not to scare the child and get it done appropriately. I am waaaaaay impressed by this. Especially after the terrors we have had with the evil-eye doctor’s non-loving assistant. But that is for another story.

Now we are off to the pharmacy and then to drop of the car for service, cause next week we are heading to the BEACH!

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  1. We got rid of our oldest sons fluid but taking him to the chiropractor. It was wonderful! Never had to do tubes!

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