Three Things

1) Vince has started signing I LOVE YOU, it is the cutest thing. I always sign that when I am leaving, he is going to bed etc, and on Friday afternoon when I went to visit Carro and her new baby in the hospital, he said (words) Bye, Bye, blew me a kiss and signed I love you. Made momma’s heart melt. He has been doing it ever since.

2) Yesterday was Bs mom’s 60th birthday party. We left shortly after breakfast and Vince refused to go pee before we left. It takes about an hour to get to his parents, but after about 10 minutes on the autobahn, Vince signed that he needed to go potty. So we pulled over and he went! Awesome.

3) Vince has been wearing only underwear during his nap all of last week, and he has stayed dry every single day. He has also started to sign potty in the night when he wakes up, so we take him (once) and he pees and then goes back to sleep. His pull up has been dry for a while now too, seriously considering letting him sleep in just underwear now too…

4 Responses

  1. Vilka tre underbara saker att glädjas åt! Saknar dig. Puss o Kram.

  2. Naaaah, vilken stor kille han har blivit! Och han vet PRECIS hur han ska få sin mamma att smälta! Listigt. Puss

  3. Stora killen ju!!! Gullinutt. Miss ya all. KRAM.

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