Apparently Nice too

Friday is my last day in the shop before I take off for maternity leave. I know, i mentioned it like a million times on msn and FB, and quite likely here too.

But apparently I am not always a P-I-T-A, because both today and yesterday some of my regular customers have been coming by with gifts for me (flowers and gift certificates) as well as gifts for the baby. I am very touched by that, I mean, meany as I am, I would not do that to somewhere where I just buy my kids’ shoes. There are definitely a lot of good people in this world too!

2 Responses

  1. that is sooo nice!! you are NOT a meany!!!! I bet you are getting excited for your last day. I am sure in a way it will be bitter sweet as well.

  2. Men det är bara ett kvitto på att du är världens bästa skotant! 😀 Eller… så är kunderna jätteglada att du ska vara hemma ett tag. 😉

    Kram på dig!

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