Good News

Beinga  royal pain in the bu** pays off. We just got confirmed in the IZB (integrations Zusatsbetreung?) program for Vince at day care. HAHAHA!

That means, that miraculouslythere IS a integration team with therapists that will visit him 3-5 times a week IN the kinder garden starting as of September 14th! Somehow, they managed to find a team for us, even though there was non available. All those phone calls and the not giving up and constantly reminding the city of our rights definitely paid off. However, we still do not have it in writing, but according to the people at the office that handles it, the confirmation has been sent out via slow mail.

What is the difference you might ask? Well it is this: the therapies will take place IN the kinder garden, with his peers there and to some point also being part of it. It is about includingand not excluding Vince from a ‘typical’ environment. It is about showing the other kids that Vince just needs a little bit extra help with some stuff, but that he also can learn. Most helpful of all will be the speech therapy. Making the other kids (and personnel) aware of HOW Vince communicates and how much he really does have to say/sign will make him a lot more integrated in the group. It is all about inclusion.

As for Bookie’s and my part, this means that we have all Vince therapies done at day care. This means a lot of less time driving to and from the hospital or the therapy center. Both which in traffic takes up to an hour to get to – one way. This also means a BIG money saver as some of Vince therapies have been private and are just in part, if at all, funded by the state. Even though I will be at home with the new baby for a while, it still is helpful not to have to drive across town 3 mornings a week to stress to a time to have a therapy. Stress before therapy, is not ideal, but try fixing it to get there on time, fed, put on the  potty, not thirsty and not having a tantrum (that goes for Vince or Mom) and do it all in a happy mood at all times…

So, I am proud to say, this mom and dad are real proud to both be royal pains in the bu** 🙂

9 Responses

  1. That’s great news! So nice for Vince and you pain in the b#*’

  2. Åh,vad glad jag blir för er skull!!!Superduper bra jobbat!

  3. Jag skulle behöva lite av dina “butt kicking skills” ibland…Bra jobbat!

  4. Good for you! And especially great for Vince. Good job, Mama!

  5. I’m so happy for you. That certainly does seem like a better solution!

  6. Bra jobbat, grattis! Lägg till en bäbis i det där morgonschemat också så skulle du fått gå upp vid 5, så jätteskönt att det ordnade sig.

    /Anna – som läser allt men inte kommenterar så ofta…

  7. Du sköter dig jättebra som a pain in the arse!!! Det har jag alltid sagt. ;0) Stoort grattis vännen. Fira rejält när ni fått allt på papper. Och krama din finfina familj. Miss you heaps.

  8. great job! what a relief for you. you’ll have some time with newborn and you won’t feel guilty because you know that he’s getting his therapy in the daycare. win-win for the whole family!!!

  9. Ni är bäst!!

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