Sunday Again (Picture Overload)

We met up with friends and went to a petting zoo and then on to a Buschenschank (which mean something like Bar in the Bushes). The weather was perfect and the day was amazing. Definitely one of the top things of living in Austria. The place is Wildon, Styria, about 20 min south of Graz.

Lucia, Anna, Hubert, Lea, Bookie & Vince

Vince and Lea

What Mom, I am hanging with the chicks?

The food: fresh produce from the farm. Cheeses, hams, bacon, sausage, bread, cream cheeses, veggies, liver pates, fresh pressed peach juice, fresh pressed grape juice, white wine from the vine yard and mineral water.

The main building

And where the tables are partly

Bookie and Hubert and a few bottles of wine.Perfect table with slide and sanbox within 10 feet distance.

Then there was this little house we walked up to. The kids loved sitting on the stairs.

Vince doing what he can trying to steal a kiss from Lucia

It so worked

Then he took off with Lea

They loved running around the vine yard in the summer breeze

Vince is really getting a lot faster, running used to not work so good, but now he is pretty fast

More running in the sunset

And then down the vine lane again

Family pic, time to go home.

Pst. I do have more clothes, it just happened to be really warm today…

3 Responses

  1. mayson is jealous of vince kissing that little girl!!
    your belly sure is growing. you glow!

  2. Those are all great pics, but I love the family one best. You look gorgeous.

  3. Nice , vännen….gillar mkt..

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