We had such a GREAT ST session this morning. I am so happy!
We got there 10 min early and did the pee thing again (this time without issues and without Vince falling into the toilet). Vince then ran up and down the hallway for 10 minutes before he politely knocked on the door and entered on cue from the ST. The amazed momma waited outside for 20 min, the Vince got me to come in with him.

He was not really concentrating, so I pulled out some soap bubbles I had bought last week out of my purse. Vince made a perfect O mouth and blew lots of bubbles. (Very good speech exercise). ST was amazed. Then Vince did this really cool thing he has started; he told me where to sit, he sits across from me, and then he points on me and then on him. This means I should say words and he signs them. We have been doing it a lot lately as he is really into signing now. He is also adding more spoken words.

So I sat there and said police, and he signs police, zebra, every day etc. He did AWESOME! The ST who had never seen him sign much before was totally blown away at how much he knew. We did it ij Swedish, English and German and he got all of the words right. He even signed PLEASE and THANK YOU.
As signing seems not to be as popular here in Austria as in other countries (even though popular, not as many day cares/STs seems to have knowledge of signing at least in my experience) the ST wants to bring in some of her colleagues next time and film Vince doing it too.
I am guessing he signed a good 70 words or so. He knows waaaay more, but that was the words we came up with then and there.

He also spoke in session for the first time. Cow, car, cold, bob, ball, cucumber (gurka), water, deer, police (pls he says) and bye-bye and Tchüss (Bye in German). I was so excited when we left. It is so nice when he actually shows his therapists what he KNOWS not only me or B telling them yes he does know how to say/do that.

So big relief and lots of happiness today!

5 Responses

  1. Heja Vince!!
    4 språk och 3 år-en sann Viking!!
    Visst är det fantastiskt när de helt plötsligt “ger med sig”och visar vad de kan!!

  2. Heja Vince, vad duktig du är!

  3. Way to go, Vince!!!

  4. That is TOTALLY awesome!

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