The Violin Man

Vince and I also went to the grocery store yesterday. As usual he managed to squeeze a drink out of me (or from the store) while shopping, got a free slice of bologna at the meat counter, and did behave WONDERFUL at the toy isle and the check out. In the elevator down to the car garage, my cell rang, and I juggled cart, kid, and phone at once. In the mean time, Vince was so fast he managed to push the alarm button in the elevator, which made this loud sound go off. The older gentleman we were sharing the elevator with did not appreciate this one bit. Somewhat rushed I hung up. Áll this happened within 10s. The man was really sour and ridiculous about it. Not that Vince noticed, he still blew him a kiss as we walked away.

Then outside the elevator, there is usually this (I guess homeless?) man playing the violin. Vince loves him, and we always give him our change as we walk by. I would not say we know him now, but yesterday the man pointed out (correctly) that it was nice that mom goes shopping too sometimes… B does most of our grocery shopping. The man also let Vince play his violin for a bit and V-man was in heaven. He (V) kept asking me for more money by reaching out his hand and pointing to my purse, so a few € later I finally got us in the car.

The whole way home, Vince was waving and saying Bye Bye. He really loves that violin man.

4 Responses

  1. Oh, he’s so sweet. (when he’s not being a con man/menace, that is.)

  2. Åååh, saknarrer ännu mer nu. Vilken kille han är Vince!

  3. Thank you for posting this information. My son Miles also has translocation DS 21; 21, and finding good research can be difficult. Interestingly, the source of your article is the same hospital where Miles had open heart surgery last summer.

    He was born last March, and we had no prior indication that DS would be in the picture. At his two month check-up, a karyotype was given “just to rule out” any concerns. He had a delay in social smiling, and he was starting to show some typical DS physical characteristics, like with his fingers and feet. Following Miles’ diagnosis, my husband and I were tested. Miles’ form was not inherited, based on our karyotypes.

    You can visit us at

    I look forward to reading more about your beautiful family. Take care! Anna

  4. Sweet V! I have been patiently waiting for you to return to blogger world. How was the move? I have been thinking so much about you guys…

    NO moving here. Staying put in SC with the children. But all is well.

    Hur är du?

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